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Don’t get the wrong idea… I’m really a nice guy! I might be a little rowdy and rough around the edges, but I always treat people with respect, especially the ladies. But whenever things go south in the love department, I get accused of being a player, asshole, you name it… I’ve been called it! So after a break up, and being accused that I’m someone I’m not, I was drinking some whiskey and thought that maybe “I’m a hell raising, ass chasing, heart breaking son of a bitch.” So, I guess I just need to wait until I can find someone that can “handle the rock star life.”


This song means a lot to me. Once again, it was after a break up. The truth is, it wasn’t me that was asking for one more time. There was a lot of emotion in our relationship and we had a lot of love for each other. However, “I couldn’t be the man you’re needing.” She does have “so much love inside” and she better not “quit searching.” The chorus really portrays the emotion I had. I wanted to “love you like never before… take it through the morning light and maybe just a little more.” But I couldn’t do it because I knew that I wouldn’t “have the strength to let you go.”



I was scrolling through FaceBook, and I came across a friends post about heading to the beach. She made a list of things that she loves about going to the beach. For some reason, koozy and cold beer caught my attention (imagine that). Immediately, I sang out “I got a koozy wrapped around an ice cold beer.” Me and the guys at a machine shop that I used to work at had lots of talks about “Why the hell do we show up here everyday?" and "Why don’t we just get a job on the beach?!” The thought of selling everything I own and moving to the beach still crosses my mind. “I’d be getting faded, dancing half naked everyday after work!”


You might see a pattern now… I wrote this song after a break up. This one is kinda my fault. I got invited to a party a few weeks before Christmas and learned how to make White Russians. When Christmas rolled around, I thought, I can replace the milk with egg nog and we will have Christmas cocktails! My brother and I worked on the perfect mixture of Kahlua, Vodka, and eggnog. Those drinks got us trashed! I thought everything was going good between me and my girlfriend, but when my family left, so did she. That’s right… she dumped me on Christmas. The next day I wrote this song because I couldn’t get her “off my mind” no matter what I tried. A day later, she apologized and we were back to normal until she dumped me again at random (that’s when I wrote “One More Time” by the way).


This is the first song I wrote that really caught people’s attention. Might sound strange, but if it weren’t for ice cream, I would have never wrote this song. I was on vacation on the beach and we had some really good ice cream. When we got back to the house, I was taking a shower and the song came to me…”I like Ben and Jerry’s, toking on a summer night.” Of course, I can’t sing a song about Ben and Jerry’s! I started thinking about past summers and what made them special. One of my favorite summers, I would “cruise around on my boat” all day long. We would come back to the campsite at dusk and hang out with some rowdy friends. The song gives a really good explanation of what all would go on during these “southern summer nights.”



Recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Designed by Daniel Dennis at Prime Cut Studio

Photography by Adrian David Payne Photography

All songs written by Jayson Bowers


Jayson Bowers: vocals // Daniel Dennis: drums, bass, acoustic, electric guitar // Gwen Holt: background vocals, bass, saxophone // Nick Goodale: electric guitar // Mike Daly: pedal steel // Ryan Joseph: fiddle // David Dorn: piano, b3 organ // Todd London: steel drums // Cassandra Sotos: background vocals

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