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A New Breed of Outlaw Country

As a Nashville native, Jayson was surrounded by music from an early age. “I still remember my mom singing Motown, Classic Rock, and Southern Rock hits. We would listen to the radio, and I would pretend that I could play my Dad’s guitars.”


Even though he was influenced by many styles of music through the years, his dream has always been to be a country music singer. “I don’t remember which came first, seeing Alan Jackson live or finding a Hank Williams Jr. record in my parents' collection. Regardless, after seeing and hearing the music, I knew country music was what I wanted to do.”


Through the years, Jayson has played with various bands but never took the lead spot until now. “It’s finally time! It’s time to bring my voice to the world. Every song I write has a meaning… It’s my life and I want to share my story!”

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